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Budget Brunch with a Bite

jalapeno drink

One of my favorite ways to save a buck is to forego the pricey investment that is Sunday brunch and instead invite friends over to my place. If everyone brings a piece of the brunch puzzle (booze, bagels, gossip, etc.) you can revel in this glorious Sunday tradition without breaking the bank.

When your contribution is the booze, here’s one of my favorite brunch cocktails:

  1. If you like a little bite, like I do, start with a slice of jalapeño and crunch it into the bottom of your glass to release some of those spicy juices; Just beware, most of the heat is in the seeds so get rid of those first if you don’t want fire mouth
  2. Add ice and a shot or so of vodka
  3. Pour in a quarter cup of pineapple juice and a half a cup of orange juice
  4. Play with the ratios of juice (and feel free to add some mango juice or simple syrup), stir, and you’re set!

There! You just saved some mullah, got some quality time with your friends at brunch, and don’t even need to cab home.



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