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I don’t think I’ve ever written or even vaguely entertained doing a movie review. By no means am I a film critic. I am, however, a rabid media consumer… So maybe you’ll forgive my ametuer movie critic status and take my word for it that this movie is a must watch.

It barely made it onto my radar recently but I’m so glad it did. That movie, Jongens (from the Netherlands, translates to “Boys”), is a rare gem in an otherwise rocky cinematic landscape.

It’s often been said, and by that I mean that I say this everyday, that there are no good ‘gay’ movies. There are certainly exceptions, as there always are, such as Brokeback Mountain, Milk, etc. But oftentimes whenever a ‘gay’ element is thrown into a movie it’s either trivialized in a subplot, over-dramatized with tired stereotypes, or portrayed in an overly sexual practically pornographic way.

Boys, however, addresses the very fragile, early stages of a young crush (that just happens to be between two guys) in the most sensitive, realistic, and human way possible.

This move is beautiful.

It’s simple.

It’s honest.

And it’s real.

I love it and I think you should watch it.


PS – How was my first movie review?? Thanks for reading :)

images courtesy Pupkin Film


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