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“Bougie Brunching” Pt. 1

mohawk half

The act of brunching has become an LA ritual reaching near cult status. (Have you ever read a more bougie statement?  I apologize.)

In any event, Sundays in my world usually call for bottomless mimosas, Bloody Marys, and eventually solid food… if you make it that far.

Mohawk Bend is a great spot in Echo Park that serves only locally-sourced food and drink.  Their brunch is mouthwatering and the neighborhood around this retrofitted Vaudeville theater hides other little hipster gems as well; Dusty antique stores neighbor trendy optical shops beside authentic taco stands.  It’s a colorful melting pot of cultures and tastes.

In any event, my uniform for brunching is pretty straightforward.

Loose layers.

Tasteful comfort.

Little details.

I love these Ray-Ban Wayfarers that have a bright pop of yellow hidden behind the tortoise shell; And this Ralph Lauren sweater makes it easy to get cozy when those mimosas start to kick-in.

Happy [bougie] brunching!

mohawk full

mohawk half

raybans 1


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