I don’t care what the thermometer says. It’s fall.

For anyone in Southern CA, for the record, the thermometer says 100 degrees.

I know!


Luckily I escaped to the mountains for the long weekend where it was a delightful 75 degrees. And even better, my best friend Sarah was with me to snap some photos throughout the weekend.

My friends at Palladium Boots hooked me up with some recent releases from their sweet new twill collection – which was the perfect update to my early fall wardrobe.

Put away the boat shoes and flip-flops. It’s boot season. These ones are perfect for transitional months since they’re not heavy-duty-leather etc.

I had to go with simple layers but a leather jacket adds enough cool factor to hide the fact that you’re panting in the heat.

Stay hydrated.

You look great.


boots – Palladium
moto jacket – similar
jeans – similar

amber waves 4

amber waves 2

amber waves 5

amber waves 1

amber waves 6

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