Classy Sh*t

Bedside Table

We’re squarely in the summer season now so what are you still doing with dusty wintertime accessories and clutter sitting around your bedroom?

Be honest – Do you have random clothes tossed over a chair or side table near your bed? Does your nightstand have random charging cords, magazines, late night taco bell receipts, etc. piling up on it?

Shouldn’t the first thing you see in the morning make you smile? Make you think, “Oh, that’s lovely…”? I think so.

Well then let’s transform your nightstand from resembling the bottom of your purse or gym bag and make it the best thing to lay your eyes on.

I started from scratch with the basics – water for late night sips and a candle with a calming scent. Oh and some succulent clippings because, duh.

Now every morning starts with, “OH THAT’S LOVELY!”


Bedside Table 2

Bedside Table 3

Bedside Table 1

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