Because Michelle Obama Said So

Fitness is an important part of overall feelings of happiness and fulfillment. Sure it might suck going to the gym after work or getting up a little early on Saturday to go for a hike or jog – but how do you feel after?


Those toxins come pouring out. Those endorphins start pumping.

Before you criticize my mis-use of the First Lady’s fitness program (it’s an initiative mainly aimed at youth fitness / nutrition), let me reiterate that I’m a kid at heart. And I like Michelle Obama. So when she says “Let’s Move,” I move.

I’m not a person who can go to the gym by myself and get things done. I literally need someone telling me what to do every step of the way.

But what I can do is find a path to hike. Did you know hiking is just walking outside?

I know.

It’s great.

So get out there and get moving – before some of you are trapped inside for winter!

The First Lady and I applaud you :)


OH! And don’t forget to pick up some slim sweats. Make sure you can pull them up slightly at the ankles and they stay put.

The Essentials:
slim sweats / joggers
bright Nikes
longline tee






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