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Does anyone else miss going back to school?  There was always something so exciting about the promise of a new school year.  New classes, extracurriculars, professors, etc.  I miss it – and I especially miss the thrill of walking onto campus with your fresh summer tan, clean haircut and brand-new fall threads.  Don’t pretend that you spent any less than a week picking out the perfect outfit to wow your classmates with on that first day back.

Alas, I am now past the days of back to school excitement – but that doesn’t keep me from doing a little back to school shopping for old times sake :)

Today’s post is simply a nod to summer slipping away and the autumn days ahead.   

shirt – similar; H&M
tie – similar; Bows ’N Ties
shoes – Cole Haan
zip-up – similar; Asos
sunny Gs – similar; Ray-Ban

PS – shoutout to my friends at Bows ’N Ties for inspiring my back to school memories with their collegiate-inspired ties.  Check ‘em out if you haven’t yet!

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