Back in Black

black on black 3

I’m in New York this week and I seriously want to cancel my return flight. This place has a hold on my heart. I’m sure I would get sick of the cold if I lived here but I just can’t get enough of the people watching right now.

We took a walk through Central Park the other day to get to the Guggenheim and it was like a feast for the eyes. It gets so boring and lonely, in a way, having to drive everywhere in LA. I miss walking and actually seeing people face to face like you do in the city.

black on black 5

I could spend an entire day just walking the streets and people watching. I’ve noticed a few things this trip that I’m filing away –

First, man buns are everywhere. You know those tight little ones that sit on top of the guy’s head? Everywhere.

Second, I love the black on black. Manhattan is awash in chic black and I love it. Simple Jackets, stylish sweaters, beautiful watches – all black and all amazingly elegant.

black on black 1

black on black 4

black on black 6

black on black 2

More to come on NYC soon. And don’t worry, LA. I’m coming home soon.

sunglasses – Woodzee
tie – Bows ’N Ties
jacket – similar @ East Dane
denim – similar @ East Dane

PS – I took these shots a while back but I guess I was unintentionally prepping my black on black for Manhattan.

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