Avoid Public Indecency

It has been so insanely hot and muggy in LA recently. If this is any indication of the El Niño craziness headed our way then this is definitely going to be a crazy winter.

One way I beat the heat is by going simple and breathable. While fall and winter in LA is a time for layers, summer is definitely all about trying to be as close to naked as possible – without getting arrested for public indecency.

My friends at Versatile Warrior (you have to check out their company mantra – it’s the best) are keepin’ me cool these days in their signature polo.

Pima cotton – check.

Tailored fit – check.

Classier than a tank top – check.

No ill will towards tank tops; they have their place! But for 95% of your week when “sun’s out guns out” doesn’t cut it, keep it classic and classy with a fitted polo.

And don’t forget those joggers. Gotta let the ankles breathe ;)


The Essentials:
polo: Versatile Warrior
joggers: Katin
sneaks: Nike
shades: on the cheap
watch: Daniel Wellington







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