Dem Boots with the Fringe

Asos High Tops

I have a little bit of a problem. When I see shoes… I buy them. It’s like a reflex that I just don’t have any control of. And for better or worse, Asos makes it way too easy to get my fix.

Sometimes I set aside new shoes to wear for the first time on a special occasion. Take these amazing fringed high tops for instance. I bought them A YEAR AGO and completely forgot that I owned them. How sick is that? I don’t even remember what that special occasion was…

So sometimes going into my closet is like shopping. I find brand new stuff that I had no idea I even owned!

I’m obsessed all over again with these beautiful little mo fos.

Just a super casual heads up – Asos is having a crazy sale right now. I’m talking up to 70% off.

Sorry, credit card. Time for you to get to work.

Asos High Tops

Asos High Tops

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