Anything But

warehouse district 3There are days when I just can’t pull on another pair of jeans.  The sight of a pair of khakis hurts my soul.  Grey dress slacks?  No thanks.  I get burned out and bored with the ordinary options for covering your bum.  Maybe it’s clothing ADD.  Maybe I have an unnatural need for variety.  Since wearing pants isn’t optional – Donald Ducking is frowned upon except at specific street fairs in San Francisco – I’m left looking for something more.

Luckily Bonobos feels me and I recently scored some chinos that are anything but ordinary.

These bad boys are insane.  Although they’re dark enough to pass for a neutral, they actually have a paisley camo print that I’ve gotten compliments on like you wouldn’t believe.  They’re limited edition but if you miss the boat, check out some of their other cool prints.  Your ADD brain will rest at ease and your butt will never look better.

warehouse district 1~j

tie – J.Crew
shirt – Uniqlo similar
pants – Bonobos
shoes – Cole Haan similar

warehouse district 2 warehouse district 4

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