American Cherry Mojito

This weekend is all about the red, white and blue so today I give you the American Cherry Mojito.

Cherries were part of English explorers’ cargo as early as the 1600s as they colonized North America. The cherry was soon after a subject of American folklore thanks to the story of George Washington chopping down his father’s favorite cherry tree. As an upstanding young boy, however, he could not tell a lie and confessed to his father – which was supposed to be a lesson in the value of honesty and integrity.

Well the story has been deemed very unlikely by historians and biographers, but let’s not let that stop us from smashing some cherries, muddling some mint, and raising a glass.

July 4th cocktail

4 oz. cherry limeade
1.5 oz. Diplomatico Rum (blanco)
10 mint leaves
Cherries / limes / blueberries for garnish
Lime slices for garnish

In a large glass, muddle the mint, cherries and blueberries. Add rum and cherry limeade. Add ice and stir!



July 4th cocktail 3

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