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100 posts! What?? How did that happen?

Well technically this is post number 101 but I am just as thankful and happy as I was yesterday when I posted number 100.

Heading into the weekend I thought it’d be fun to pull one of my favorite winter flannels out of my closet. I like this one because it’s heavy enough to be a great, warm winter layer but the light colors make it feel almost summery. It’s sort of a bi-polar flannel. Just like autumn in LA – It’s 90 degrees … but pumpkin spice lattes are all around.

Plaid 1

Plaid 4

I snagged this one at J.Crew a few months back but check out some of these flannels and even flannel accessories!

I’m looking forward to shooting a buffalo plaid flannel shirt this weekend up in the mountains. We’re escaping the LA heat and getting some altitude to make those pumpkin spice lattes more bearable… and obviously I had to buy some new mountain man clothes in preparation. So stay tuned!


Plaid 2

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